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Bharatsure powering Bharat's insurance access

Powering Bharat’s Insurance Access

We provide full-stack technology, servicing and product infrastructure so that you can focus on selling insurance

Bharatsure powering Bharat's insurance access

What does Bharatsure offer?

Employee Benefits as a Service

We’re partnering with Brokers, Agents, B2B institutions to power Tech, Servicing, Product and Assisted Sales capabilities!

Bharatsure services for insurance brokers and agents

Embedded Insurance

Offering a plug and play API suite to enable embedded insurance and healthcare for customers on third-party platforms!

World class tech infrastructure for India’s insurance distribution system

Seamlessly integrate bharatsure's insurance solutions

Seamless Integration

Bharatsure’s cutting-edge technology
enables swift and effortless integration, allowing companies and agents to access our platform’s diverse solutions.

Rapid development and integrations of custom built insurance solutions to increase your revenue

Rapid Deployment

Get your business up and running quickly, streamlining the process for companies to adopt embedded insurance and agents/brokers to utilise our tech to scale.

Embed Insurance products into your core product with Bharatsure

Diversify Revenue Channel

Comprehensive solutions to unlock multiple revenue streams for your business, whether through embedded insurance for companies or employee benefits as a service.

We have API integrations with leading insurers and TPA partners

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